2023 Summary


This year, I made some attempts, most of which didn't go anywhere. Unintentionally, I gradually realized the mediocrity and accepted my own mediocrity.

I didn't set specific plans and goals this year. After hastily writing down some goals, I didn't take them too seriously. In life, besides simple pleasures, I only have limited time for reading and drawing.

Goals for the 23rd Year#

  • Raise a cat ✅
  • Self-study

This year was equivalent to not setting any goals. Due to staying at home in the 22nd year and the sudden establishment of various goals (constraints), I couldn't bear it anymore and started seeking revenge through entertainment (short videos, games, and staying up late). Then this year, I started to follow my heart and chose indulgence.

Unexpected Explorations#

In addition to simple pleasures, I also unexpectedly did some things:

  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Posted short videos here
  • Attended music performances
  • Met a friend of DIYgod during an interview
  • Traveled to different cities

After choosing to follow my heart, I also unexpectedly started to accept the outside world. Just like one of my goals in the 22nd year: "Love life."

During my job search in the 22nd year, I unexpectedly met a friend of DIYgod (the interviewer). This is because I mentioned in my resume that DIYgod is my front-end idol, so we also briefly discussed topics related to him during that interview. In the end, because I joined the company I work for in the 23rd year, I didn't have any further contact with the interviewer. (I don't know how everyone defines the word "idol," but for me, it's like having a positive goal. It gave me a little motivation to move forward when I was deeply stuck in a rut.)

My Best of the Year#

- Software of the Year: ChatGPT 😆#

It is indispensable for work and technical or learning purposes.

- Low Pleasure Software of the Year: Douyin (TikTok) 😆#

I can boldly say that it has been the source of my simple pleasures in recent years (my internet opium).

- Skincare Product of the Year: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 😆#

I started studying skincare in the past two years. (I haven't reduced my late nights, so I can only rely on rescue measures.) For my oily skin, it is the best product for moisturizing and hydrating.

- Companion of the Year: Jiumi (my cat) 😆#

Leaving aside other things, cats can be considered as the life companions of most working people nowadays, although I haven't spared it (my American Shorthair is really energetic, if I could go back ten years, I could compare my energy level with it).

- Desktop Timer Software of the Year: Flow 😄#

The Pomodoro Technique is a software I frequently used for work this year. During breaks, I would gaze into the distance to relax my eyes. Whenever I enter this kind of time rhythm, I always feel exceptionally efficient in my work (similar to the state of flow).

However, in the second half of the year, my workload increased significantly, and I hardly had any time to slack off, so I used it much less frequently.

- Game of the Year: Elden Ring 😆#

This game took up the most of my gaming time this year. I saw a streamer playing Sekiro so amazingly, so I completed the game using only the katana (along with exploring the entire map, it took a long time to complete the first playthrough). Kingdom Hearts, wait for me in 24 years, I'll play you then.

- Best Headphones of the Year: AirPods Pro 😆#

Yearly Complaints#

- Amap (Gaode Maps) App#

I suddenly want to complain about the map pointer function of this navigation app. Sometimes it suddenly malfunctions and won't change direction no matter how I turn. (Besides closing the app, there is no other solution to this problem.)

- Internet Environment in China#

Unconsciously, I have become more and more disgusted with the working environment in China, and there are too many points to complain about. The most important point is that the leadership in this team this year is really unattractive, showing no respect for everyone and lacking self-awareness. Some people act just for the sake of acting, and work overtime just for the sake of working overtime. In the end, I realized that this place is not suitable for me.


After several years of setting plans and year-end summaries, I know that I don't like being constrained by rigid frameworks. Changing my "daily behavioral patterns" all at once is also extremely difficult.

The difficulty for me has never been about setting big goals, but rather how to persevere on this narrow path.

The importance I define for myself as a goal will drive the amount of effort I put into it. Although there are many complex factors in human behavior (right after waking up, the "goal" is the lowest priority, and after playing a game, the "goal" is put aside). For me, this is also a path of self-exploration.

In the future, my general direction will be focused on English and technology, as they will play a crucial role in my future remote work.

I'm not sure what I will do in the future. So, live in the present, feel myself well, and maintain the motivation to move forward while pleasing myself.

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